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Oracle Cloud Training Made Easy
For years, users in classrooms have feverishly taken notes that they would later try to apply to their jobs as they struggled to learn the ins and outs of their ERP system. With the advent of Oracle Cloud, new technology has arrived that makes training easier, faster, and less stressful. Learn about driving Oracle cloud user adoption with training that is bite-sized, contextual, up-to-date, and most-of-all, intuitive.
Training as a Service
Our Training as a Service subscription model ensures that your business will always be up-to-date with the latest Oracle documentation, learning paths, and content
Maverick ENGAGE Training
Customizable training environment, learning paths, courses, and always up-to-date.
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Performance Support
As the perfect supplement to Maverick ENGAGE training, Performance Support guides and assists users within the Oracle application in real-time. It serves as a solution to user adoption by providing:
  • Helpful tips for navigating the user’s Oracle environment
  • Step-by-step guidance based on the user’s job role
  • Measurement of the effectiveness of training to maximize user adoption
Whether you are a skilled user seeking assistance on an occasional task or a new user just getting started, you will experience a customizable and real-time performance support solution that meets your immediate need.
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