Oracle Cloud Training
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Training as a Service
As Cloud applications evolve, ENGAGE training is updated to support the training needs for both project teams and end users.
Interactive Simulations
Guided simulations allow you to gain familiarity with the Cloud while practicing key tasks in a safe environment.
Dedicated Client Support
Each account is assigned a representative as a direct point of contact to assist with your training experience.
Printable Job Aids
You can print or download reference material to quickly assist you in performing common tasks covered in the training.
Subscription Based
ENGAGE is a subscription training solution that offers the flexibility to structure your training around your availability and needs. Content is designed for different types of users—configuration (project team training) users who need to know how the applications are built, core users who interact with the applications on a daily basis, and self-service users who need to process timecards and expense reports—and is available 24/7, 365 days a year, with unlimited access to your training materials.
Constantly Updated & Easily Accessible
Cloud applications are designed to be adaptive and responsive to changing business demands. Your training should be too. That is why Maverick Solutions offers the Training as a Service (TaaS) subscription to ENGAGE. With a full suite of Oracle Cloud content designed with different types of users—configuration (project team training), core user, and self-service—in mind, you can select the training that is right for you. As Oracle Cloud applications are updated, each subscription to ENGAGE is updated with new training content that includes lesson objectives, activities, simulations, and customizable job aids. Whether you are preparing for an implementation, about to go live, or reviewing after an update cycle, ENGAGE is a sustainable training solution that offers you the flexibility to learn and adapt with the Cloud.
We Are Dedicated to You
Maverick Solutions is proud to be your training partner and we desire for you to have the best possible training experience. Each client account is assigned a representative as a direct point of contact that is available to assist project managers and users in getting the most out of their ENGAGE subscription.
Your Enviroment, Our Simulations
As your training partner, Maverick’s philosophy is to ensure that the training solution meets your objectives and produces an effective learning experience for the user. One way to achieve a memorable experience is to customize your training simulations, job aids, and quick reference guides. Users will see and experience a training environment that has the exact look-and-feel of your company’s actual Oracle Cloud environment as they perform transactions and tasks using company data. Maverick Solutions will also update your customized content as Oracle Cloud updates.
Customize Your Experience with Learning Paths
Another way to enhance your training experience is to design company-specific learning paths. You can create and assign customized learning paths for your users out of your licensed content. Designed curriculum is a great way to help your users know exactly what training material is required in any given training phase.
Learn at Your Own Pace
With unlimited access 24/7, 365 days a year, you have the flexibility to learn at your own pace. Each of our guided simulations allows you to have a hands-on experience as you walk step-by-step through a training task inside a simulated Oracle environment. The simulation can offer you help and assistance if desired. The resume feature allows you to pick up where you left off or use the freedom of the navigation wheel to move forward or backward to any step within the simulation.
Instructor Led Training
Maverick Solutions also offers onsite, instructor-led training for our Oracle Cloud courses. These training sessions help prepare trainers and project leads to instruct end users on how to use the Oracle Cloud applications. Attendees receive training with live examples of system functionality and talk through questions they may have regarding Oracle Cloud. When paired with an ENGAGE subscription, attendees receive additional information on how to maximize their subscription access and gain familiarity with quick reference resources.
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Oracle Cloud Training