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invoices and contracts in Oracle Cloud

Invoices and contracts in Oracle Cloud

Oracle Project Portfolio Management, or Oracle PPM Cloud, has the ability to create contracts with the flexibility to choose when to recognize revenue and when to generate invoices. Users can link projects to invoices and contracts in Oracle Cloud. Within a project, you have project tasks that can be associated with expenditure items of a contract as contract lines. The...

Job offer life cycle in Oracle Recruiting Cloud

How to Master the Job Offer Life Cycle in Oracle Recruiting Cloud

To make the lives of Human Resources (HR) professionals easier, Oracle Recruiting Cloud organizes the recruitment process into phases and states within phases. Read on to better understand the job offer life cycle in Oracle Recruiting Cloud. One of the last and most important phases is the Job Offer phase, where your recruiters or hiring managers create, edit, and submit...

FSM in Oracle Cloud

How to Master FSM in Oracle Cloud Applications

FSM stands for Functional Setup Manager. Every Oracle Cloud application includes the Functional Setup Manager which can be accessed by navigating to Setup and Maintenance. The Setup and Maintenance area should be available to every member of an organization with the Functional Setups User role (ORA_ASM_FUNCTIONAL_SETUPS_USER_ABSTRACT). Read on to learn more about FSM in Oracle Cloud applications. Navigation There are three...