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We are Maverick Solutions

We have training for your Project Team, your Functional End Users, and the Self-Service users. Instructor-Led Training and customized end-user adoption options are also available as part of Maverick’s total Cloud training solution.

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To provide the most robust training offerings at the best value for Oracle Cloud Customers.


We know the importance of equipping employees with the necessary tools and training to succeed at any organization. And we know the difficulties of keeping training resources updated when Cloud applications are so dynamic. Maverick Solutions takes on the responsibility of updating your organization’s Oracle Cloud training and performance support so you don’t have to.

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Who We Are

Maverick Solutions has been providing training for Oracle since 1999. As Oracle evolved and moved into the Cloud, we realized that training had to evolve too. Traditional static training on an application that changes quarterly would not suffice. Thus, Maverick Solutions evolved to create Training as a Service, or TaaS. We maintain your training and your performance support tool quarterly so your organization can focus on your goals.